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What makes us stand out is the valid and correct information to individuals and companies looking for a personal consultant to manage their properties more efficiently.


Our company offers a wide range of specialized services aimed at helping you make the most correct and advantageous decisions regarding real estate. In particular, we undertake or manage:

Real estate management

Real estate management

Proper property management in modern real estate transactions has proven to be one of the most important issues in real estate. This is exactly why RECON, being at the centre of the real estate market developments, dynamically and effectively undertakes the correct and safe management of real estate. Whatever the type of your property, our company will serve you promptly and professionally. Our aim is to enable you to gain maximum profit from the asset you own by relieving you of the stress that property management entails.

Since 2017, Recon has taken over the management of 28 student studios and one bedroom apartments at 18 Ptolemaion Street of TERRA SA.

In 2020 RECON participated and took over the management, operation and construction - conversion of the building into 44 student furnished apartments with dining areas on the ground floor at 8 Georgiou Stavrou Street.

The tenants you choose must be reliable and creditworthy, so that the investment you have made will yield the maximum return and no losses will be recorded in your income from unpaid rent.

In the context of real estate management, holiday houses or commercial building management, apartment management, airbnb property management, but also in real estate management in general, contract control is an important process.

Our experience in property management allows us to offer you a range of investment advice for your property, aimed at maximising your return.

When you decide to make an investment, timely rent collection is a prerequisite and a priority for both you and us. Rent collection must be carried out by qualified personnel and by maintaining excellent relations between the two parties, i.e. investor and tenant.

RECON undertakes the maintenance and restoration of damages that may be detected in the properties during their use, in order to immediately restore the normal operation of the building, residence or business.

real estate assets

Purchase, rental & sale of real estate

The purchase, lease and sale of real estate is one of the main areas in which RECON is active. Real estate, whether it is a house, a holiday home or a commercial property, is always a priority for every person.

At RECON we ensure that every stage of the process is carried out safely and in a way that ensures the interests of each client. Specifically:

Our services have been designed in such a way that every activity and transaction concerning the purchase of real estate by an individual or a company, the sale of real estate, as well as leasing, is carried out with safety and transparency.

We make flexible agreements with property owners depending on their requirements and the characteristics of the property.

Our knowledge of the real estate market and the relevant legal and tax framework is a guarantee for high quality services with professionalism and objectivity.

The rules of approach that our company applies make each property unique in its promotion on the market. Our aim is to achieve the most effective and efficient exploitation or sale of a property.

Investment properties

Investment properties with annual return

If what you want is a low risk investment with a guaranteed annual return then what you are looking for is investment property or income property. RECON is one of the most trusted names in real estate investments both in Thessaloniki and in the Greek market in general and can guide you to make the right decision for you.

Programming, proper research and accurate planning are the main elements with which our company handles real estate investments.

1. In this way, we achieve maximum annual returns and surpluses, safeguarding the interests of every client who turns to us.

2. In the investment properties that RECON negotiates, it creates a complete and comprehensive picture that protects first and foremost the prospective investor.

3. Income properties are considered one of the safest ways to invest. In addition, investment properties, thanks to their surpluses, can provide you with an additional income or even be a second retirement plan.

Whatever information or investment advice you need, you can be sure that our team can help you. Whether you are looking to purchase a property with a view to later selling or renting, or whether you are turning to leasehold commercial property, houses or commercial accommodation or even hotels we are here to present you with comprehensive personalised proposals.

commercial properties

Research and finding properties for commercial companies

RECON's long experience makes it one of the most reliable companies in commercial real estate research and finding in Greece.

We know the Greek market and evaluate the needs of companies in terms of property use, in order to recommend the most suitable locations for their effective development.

The location in which a commercial property is located in many cases can determine the future of a business. RECON will carry out the required research by identifying all the elements that will help you to establish your business in the right location, thus increasing the chances of success.

Our team will consider a number of important criteria, including:

• Future viability. The property a business is looking for should cover its needs for the next few years, if there is a possibility of expansion.

• The businesses and shops that exist nearby.

• The general characteristics of the area, such as population characteristics, high noise pollution, schools nearby.

• The residential or non-residential development of the area in the near future.

Commercial properties for sale are a special category of property, for which specialised knowledge of the market is required. We at RECON will present you with comprehensive proposals, after thorough research, so that the property you finally choose meets all the requirements for upgrading your business activity.

Real Estate Appraisals

Real estate appraisals - Valuations

The correct valuation of a property is a basic prerequisite for conducting an advantageous transaction. RECON provides real estate valuations that are in line with market trends and safeguard your interests.

The final valuation you receive from our estimator will enable you to know the objective and market value of the property, so that you can make the best possible negotiation and of course transaction.

RECON has extensive experience in property valuations and provides you with clear and concise reports, depending on the purpose for which the valuation is intended.

RECON will deliver valid, objective and verified results, as different data must be taken into account for each process and each type of property.

Consulting services

Advisory services for real estate financing

Our consultants will guide you safely to the most suitable financial solutions for real estate development. Possessing specialized knowledge, we are able to provide you with advantageous and comprehensive solutions in order to support the investment you desire.

From a simple home purchase with a loan, a consumer loan with a mortgage, purchase of commercial property, leasehold property, shops or even buildings we can guide you in the best way.

With professionalism, confidentiality and the necessary expertise to find the financial solution that will meet your needs.

In addition, we provide a range of services such as tax advice for company formation, financial budgets and capital movement. The real estate sector and in particular property development hides many traps, which you can avoid with the right advice and guidance.

Get, in RECON, an experienced and trustworthy partner who will undertake to carry out a series of tasks, which you either do not want to deal with or you want to have carried out by qualified personnel to protect your investment.

Real Estate Appraisals

Real estate performance and development studies & real estate market analysis

A project development study regarding the location of the land, its uses, architectural solution, construction quality, market research and competition yields the highest returns. That is why we at RECON consider performance and development studies one of the most important stages in the whole process, which involves real estate development.

Our goal is to collect and analyze data and provide independent and objective insights for any real estate investment. RECON's detailed analysis of the market enables us to prepare thorough performance studies and real estate development studies in order to maximize the value of each real estate project.

In addition, recognizing the risks of a free market, RECON acts as an advisor to investors and development companies that are turning to real estate development. We conduct surveys to find properties of specific requirements and studies where the parameters of each area are analysed in detail.

We pay particular attention to choosing the right location, as we believe it is the "key" to achieving higher property returns. So we look at data, including the uses of other properties, any competition, rental prices, the type of tenants or professionals that each area attracts, the needs that exist and of course the growth that the area is expected to have in the coming years.

Real Estate Management

Administration and management of land development

Property development management and administration is one of the main services RECON offers, recognizing its importance for investors. We cover a wide range of work, ranging from negotiations for the purchase or sale of a plot of land to the strategy to be followed for final sales or leases.

In addition, you can consult us on the costs of purchasing a property, on cases involving a mortgage on a property, on the documentation for the sale of a property, and on cases where property transfer tax is applicable.

Below we detail all RECON's services in the context of the administration and management of land and real estate in general.

  • Mediation - negotiations for the purchase of land.
  • Economical study.
  • Project financing.
  • Legal control of land.
  • Preparation and execution of notarial documents (Private agreements, preliminary agreements, definitive contracts, documents for the sale of real estate, etc.).
  • Urban planning research of land (Architectural studies, issuing permits, etc.).
  • Tax study (Establishment of a company, securing the movement of funds, etc.).
  • Finding a construction company.
  • Supervision of construction works.
  • Strategy and execution of sales / leasing of the final product.