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In 2008 RECON implemented the redevelopment of the listed building at 3 Venizelou Street.

RECON's know-how and experience was a guarantee for the qualitative restoration and proper management of the building.

Historical data of the building

The Mansion Bourla, as it was originally named, at 3 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street & 4 Rogoti Street in the heart of the shopping center of Thessaloniki, was designed by French architects in 1925 and constructed by the Greek company EREKA SA in 1926 & 1927. It was handed over to the users in 1928 and has always been a commercial building with shops and offices. It was declared a listed building by Presidential Decree on 28/11/1983.


The restoration of the building was carried out with a view to enhancing its historical value as an architectural monument of the modern history of Greece. For the needs of the restoration were recruited specialized architectural engineers with scientific knowledge and proven experience in the restoration of listed buildings.

The study of the restoration provides for the faithful and detailed rendering of the original form of the building with regard to its external facades and internally in the portico and atrium.

Inside the building, the design of the project provides for the reconfiguration of high quality professional spaces where all the functional needs of a modern office have been carefully studied and solved.

Finally, the neoclassical style of the interior architecture with its characteristic spaciousness ensures visual and mental comfort to the occupants.

Professional spaces

The mansion 3Venizelou street consists of 6 floors with office spaces as described in detail below:

First floor

A: 185,90 sqm Rogoti (3 spaces + 2WC + kitchen)

                Can be divided into 6 - 7 spaces

Second floor

A: 158,60 sqm Venizelou (5 spaces + 2WC + kitchen)

B: 125,50 sqm Rogoti (4 spaces + 2WC + kitchen)

C: 80,50 sqm Rogoti (3 spaces + WC) Rented

Third floor

A: 158,60 sqm Venizelou (5 spaces + 2WC + kitchen) Rented

B: 166,40 sqm Rogoti (6 spaces + 2WC + kitchen)

Fourth floor

A: 158,60 sqm Venizelou (5 spaces + 2WC + kitchen) Rented

B: 18,50 sqm Rogoti Rented

Fifth floor

A: 158,60 sqm Venizelou (5 spaces + 2WC + kitchen)

Sixth floor

A: 61,10 sqm Venizelou (penthouse apartment with 1 room, living room, kitchen and WC)

Restoration Specifications

Exterior parts

  • Renovation of the facades with special cleaning, repair and replacement of decorative elements
  • Renovation of the portico and the inner atrium and replacement of the glass roof
  • Security shutters and railings for the portico and the main entrance of the building
  • Total replacement of the lift, mechanism and carriage, with a special design to blend in with the style of the building

Internal parts

  • Restoration of the office interiors
  • Repair or replacement of all interior and exterior wooden frames
  • Restoration of oak floors and old tiles
  • Air conditioning (cooling - heating)
  • New water supply and drainage system
  • New electrical installation
  • Central television antenna
  • Pre-installed infrastructure for fast internet & local network
  • Alarm system
  • Video intercoms
  • Lighting of common areas and portico
  • Armoured front doors in all offices